Diamond Anniversary Bands have enjoyed increased popularity over the past several years. Our Channel set anniversary bands are clean, classic looking pieces that go with many wedding rings, or can simply be worn alone. The two main reasons our bands are so popular? PRICE AND QUALITY! In-house manufacturing gives us total control over quality and price. We choose the best diamonds, best metals and best craftsmen to create an anniversary band far superior to that of the competition. In fact, the bands we make in house are sold to you at a price that’s far LESS than what wholesalers charge THEIR clients. We have proven this. Almost every month, some manufacturer tries to sell us their anniversary bands. Of course, it would be a LOT less work for us to just buy them and put them in the case. But when we look at their WHOLESALE prices, we just can’t do it, as they are 2-3 TIMES what we charge OUR clients! On the few bands we import (pave set, designer and princess cut bands….the ones that are too hard for us to source and produce), if they don’t meet our four point quality control test, they are promptly rejected. Overseas manufacturers tell us that nobody else rejects the quantity we do! WE ARE SELECTIVE…..YOU BENEFIT. Our anniversary bands have a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects and they can be easily sized for a nominal charge. A free, retail value appraisal is included with each purchase. Appraised value on Value priced engagement rings is our best estimate of the national average retail of similar quality diamond rings.